Friday, February 27, 2009


Hi, i thought it was high time that i start a blog seeing as i had my senior illustration show last weekend and the one question i kept getting was, "Do you have a blog?" So here i am. I hope to use this as a place to keep track of what i'm up to, and show my sketches/process. So i'm just testing the ropes right now, so to say.
Well anyway, my name is Tracy Lee Quinn and i'm an illustration senior at the Art Institute of Boston
, graduating in the spring. So onto the art. Here's some of my recent work from the past months:

The following are two pieces from my last semester senior project, which was Pulp covers based in Appalachia. Although i did about 5 of them, these were the only 2 that i liked. ha. I'll be posting more of my senior project from this semester soon though!