Friday, May 22, 2009

Some art trades and things

I was working on this art trade earlier, It's Ginger from Alex Riegel's comic Battery Acid. Again, what a fun character to draw! i had some problem with her legs, which sucks cause i think "what's the point of drawing sexy girls when you can't get the anatomy right" i struggle with that. But anyway she's super bad-ass and sexy, so i had a good time!


I did this pinup for a comic, Paranoid Rock n Roll, created by Tristan Wilder. I had a lot of fun drawing his characters! I was trying to play around with halftone patterns on this one, i don't know how successful i was, but it was something different, i hope to do more with it sometime soon. Oh, and i drew a dude! he kind of sucks, but i tried! i hope to learn how to draw men this summer, cause it's holding me back.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beatriz Valentina, The Fortune Teller

this is the last piece for my senior portfolio, the fortune teller. I really tried to sink my teeth into the background for this one, and i'm not sure how successful i was with it. I guess i'm proud that i tried, haha. I think this may be the worst drawing of a chaise lounge in recorded history though. Oh well, i went through a lot of versions of this piece, and a lot of versions of Beatriz.

I have always had a difficult time trying to translate my sketches into finished pieces, cause i always ending up liking my sketches so much more, they have so much more life to them. Something that i'm lacking in my finishes. (A) is my first skecth for Beatriz, it's not perfect but i like the shapes i'm working with. Then i light tabled all the life out of it which is (B) this is probably the 6th or 7th one down the line, and i think i really lost so much from the first sketch. I was so frustrated that i scrapped it entirely and went back to the original sketch, from the i got (C) which i think is not perfect but i like this stylization much better. I guess i learned that sometimes it helps to get a new perspective on things when you're feeling irritated with a piece!

I admit, i cheated on the background a little bit and used the same curtains from my "Rat Trainer" piece, oh well. I'm burnt out on drawing curtains! So in classic tracy lee quinn style, i slapped a wallpaper on there because i'm very lazy. Oh well, i'm ok with how it came out.

This piece is my farewell to the Art Institute of Boston! <3>