Friday, May 22, 2009

Some art trades and things

I was working on this art trade earlier, It's Ginger from Alex Riegel's comic Battery Acid. Again, what a fun character to draw! i had some problem with her legs, which sucks cause i think "what's the point of drawing sexy girls when you can't get the anatomy right" i struggle with that. But anyway she's super bad-ass and sexy, so i had a good time!


I did this pinup for a comic, Paranoid Rock n Roll, created by Tristan Wilder. I had a lot of fun drawing his characters! I was trying to play around with halftone patterns on this one, i don't know how successful i was, but it was something different, i hope to do more with it sometime soon. Oh, and i drew a dude! he kind of sucks, but i tried! i hope to learn how to draw men this summer, cause it's holding me back.


  1. Lovely drawings! I cannot draw men either! I try to avoid them at all costs. I definitely need to work on drawing boys. I actually just need to draw more adults. I always just draw children!

  2. Wow..
    very good your designs!!
    very beautiful