Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well, this is the latest piece i have been working on. It's the final member of Team Wilderness, Skunky. No, she doesn't smell. But she does drop poisonous gas bombs! fun, fun. fun. I had a lot of fun working on this piece, even though i had some set-backs. ( i have a really hard time with backgrounds. I need help with that, advice?) But yeah, once i figured out what i wanted to do with it. I really want to incorporate more of these watercolor/gouache washes in the background of my art.

anyway, i started this piece with a really really aweful costume sketch. anyway, I drew a crude sketch and then elaborated. The the most fun for me
Ok, so after, that i did this sort of cheesy city-scape in bright purple gouache. not a very good color, but that's ok, that's what photoshop is for. I adjusted it to the red-ish black-ish watercolor looking thing that it i now. And so a hero is born! ha...kidding <3

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Partridge...and partridges.

Finished my Partridge piece! yay, two more to go, the skunk and the cardinal. Yeah, so this is the Partridge, unnoficial leader of the super villain group "the Ladybirds" (i know i know, she doesn't look like a supervillain) Anyway, i agonized over the background for this one, and did several gouache paintings that didn't work out. It's been annoying because i don't have my scanner here at home, so it just makes things difficult.

I wanted her to have a cape, but it just wasn't working out. It just looked too weird. I can't draw capes...But yeah i normally use tria markers, but i used prismacolors on her hair, it has a lot of depth that i don't normally get with trias. i kind of like how it came out. I should use them more.

Originally it had a much more clumsy composition, the birds were supposed to be following her, but there was too much empty space. It just didn't look right, as you can see.
So now the birds are passing her by and she's making eye contact with the little girl bird (the now with the open eyes) so i think that works much better than how i had it before.
Anyay, i'm happy with how it turned out.

Happy Spring everyone <3

Monday, March 2, 2009

La Ardillita

I finished my newest piece for my current project, this one is of the Ardillita, luchador and all around strong-woman. (she's my favorite!) anyway this piece has been like a week long process. Trying to figure out what to do with her and all that business. Anyway, i'm happy with how it came out. So i figure i'll show my process and all that junk:

(from left to right) i start w/ a really rough sketch, then i refine it a little more, light table it a few times until i get it right, (in this case i used one of the light-tabled pieces that i messed up on to test out colors, you can see i'm trying out color combos on the side.) then after i've got a suitable light tabled piece (not pictured) i color it and i'm done.

The Background was done in marker and white guache put through some filters and stuff.

And the posters i made with textures from an old book that i found here
Yeah so that's the business.
(oh, and please excuse my 8th grade spanish!)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Senior Project: 2nd Semester

For my senior project this semester (there's 2 of them, but i'll only get into 1 here) I'm doing a series of illustrations based on my own group of super heroines and their enemies. The heroines are all named after woodland animals, (haha, i know that's lame) but there's the Raccoon, La Ardillita (the Chipmunk) and the Skunk. The Bad Ladies are all names after birds, The Peacock, the Partridge and the Cardinal (no, not the catholic kind) Anyway, i've been having fun drawing them over the past few weeks, so i'll Post the 2 finished pieces from that project (of course, there's more to come!)
Anyhow, our lady, the Raccoon:
I've been working a lot without line lately, after recognizing that i'm a pretty crappy inker (it was one of those moments when i thought "I haven't gotten any better at this since i was 13" so i decided to nix the whole process completely) anyhow, it's been fun working without line, so thumbs up.
The second one in the series is the Peacock, that sexy super villain we all know and love (ha) both of these pieces were on display at my senior show on feb. 20

And lastly a sneak peek at my next piece which is still far from being finished:Thanks! <3