Sunday, March 1, 2009

Senior Project: 2nd Semester

For my senior project this semester (there's 2 of them, but i'll only get into 1 here) I'm doing a series of illustrations based on my own group of super heroines and their enemies. The heroines are all named after woodland animals, (haha, i know that's lame) but there's the Raccoon, La Ardillita (the Chipmunk) and the Skunk. The Bad Ladies are all names after birds, The Peacock, the Partridge and the Cardinal (no, not the catholic kind) Anyway, i've been having fun drawing them over the past few weeks, so i'll Post the 2 finished pieces from that project (of course, there's more to come!)
Anyhow, our lady, the Raccoon:
I've been working a lot without line lately, after recognizing that i'm a pretty crappy inker (it was one of those moments when i thought "I haven't gotten any better at this since i was 13" so i decided to nix the whole process completely) anyhow, it's been fun working without line, so thumbs up.
The second one in the series is the Peacock, that sexy super villain we all know and love (ha) both of these pieces were on display at my senior show on feb. 20

And lastly a sneak peek at my next piece which is still far from being finished:Thanks! <3


  1. I'm in loooove with the raccoon and peacock girls. Someday we will have to do a print trade. :)

  2. awesome pattern on that middle one