Monday, March 2, 2009

La Ardillita

I finished my newest piece for my current project, this one is of the Ardillita, luchador and all around strong-woman. (she's my favorite!) anyway this piece has been like a week long process. Trying to figure out what to do with her and all that business. Anyway, i'm happy with how it came out. So i figure i'll show my process and all that junk:

(from left to right) i start w/ a really rough sketch, then i refine it a little more, light table it a few times until i get it right, (in this case i used one of the light-tabled pieces that i messed up on to test out colors, you can see i'm trying out color combos on the side.) then after i've got a suitable light tabled piece (not pictured) i color it and i'm done.

The Background was done in marker and white guache put through some filters and stuff.

And the posters i made with textures from an old book that i found here
Yeah so that's the business.
(oh, and please excuse my 8th grade spanish!)

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