Saturday, June 20, 2009

My first commission! Part One

I hear Immigrant Song every time i look at this one, haha

My first commission, for a crazy good artist who really shouldn't have paid me for this! Anyway i was trying to test out new things, and get out of my comfort zone, so i did the BG entirely in photoshop. I had a lot of fun with this, and i learned a lot, which is always good. It took forever and a day, but i'm happy with the outcome! I'm channeling my inner Frank Frazetta here.
There's a second part of this commission, and (dare i say) I'll have to draw a dude! let's see how i handle it...


  1. This one is really rad. Very nice Lynne Naylor, Bruce Timm influence :)

  2. Your work is amazing! I always watch your posts at deviantart. Passing by just to leave you a kiss from Brazil.