Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Phoenix, odds & ends

My sister's favorite character, i have been meaning to do this for a while for her, and i'm glad i did. I'm a DC girl at heart, and in truth i don't really know a lot about her, (don't hate me!) but Jill is a huge fan. Anyway i had a lot of fun drawing her. The flames are the first thing i've ever attempted to draw using a tablet, but it was a good time, so no complaints, right? I figure i have wasted too much time trying to get these big wispy psychedelic swirls to look exact using ink and markers. It's good to know it's a hell of a lot easier this way!

Anyway, my original sketch: (along side some anonymous gypsy girl character i was doodling)

And just for fun a few other thing's i have been trying to work out in the nest few weeks, odds and ends, a viking (OMG a dude!) a Russian spy and quick poses (please excuse the bad scans, you know, wire-bound sketchbooks and all that good stuff.)

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