Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fun Dump 2010 part 2!

More things i did at work and the like. Same old things, DC chicks, Ivy Dealthe (who is becoming my new favorite TLQ girl she's in the navy blue dress) gesture drawings, a lot of pies and pastries lol, stuff from my comic (from october) etc.

Happy Holidays Everyone! <3


  1. FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD! Anyway, I'm still loving the twin characters. Ivy Dealthe almost looks like a prime candidate for a Disney Movie. I admire your methods with marker, especially in that tiny sketch in the lower left corner. It's like you didn't need to even sketch it out. Once again, Excellent Work.

  2. Thank you X! I'm a huge fan of your work!

  3. Wonderful sketches! Very talented... It is so nice to see other artists and there styles of art! Excellent work..