Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Commissions

A commission for my friends Kevin and Laine, he's going to give it to her for Christmas.
She plays Magenta in the Boston Production on Rocky Horror that's been going since September, and He wrote one of the shorts for the 2nd Fubar anthology, so i drew her in her Magenta get-up and him as a WWII zombie. Kinda crazy, but fun too!

Well this was a first! hahah, i'm used to people asking me to draw Catwoman for them, but Lobo caught me off gaurd! I really really panicked over this one....cause you know, i can't draw men, never mind big burly ones...But i had fun with it in the end and it feels good to have successfully drawn something that's not a pretty girl!!

He's telling Catwoman to beat it cause dogs and cats don't get along.

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